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MADDOX 5 Gallon ASME Compliant Tire Bead Seat

MADDOX 5 Gallon ASME Compliant Tire Bead Seat

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This tire bead seat makes it easy to seat tire beads. The MADDOX™ Tire Bead Seat has a 5 gallon reservoir capacity and a quick release air valve that quickly delivers high volume air to seat any tire bead. This tool is ideal for working with tubeless tires on motorcycles, automobiles and light trucks.

  • Quick release valve provides high air volume to seat any tire bead
  • Lip on barrel ensures proper angle for heel seat
  • 1/4" air inlet fills from any standard air compressor
  • 120psi max
  • Places beads on all tires from 4" to 24 1/2" wheel size
  • Durable powder coated finish