Who are we?

As you can see our tools are all at ridiculously low prices, this is thanks to our great buying power and large US tool retailers. We buy lots of various tools without knowing what they contain. We therefore take great pleasure in making finds for you and bringing them to your doorstep at low prices.

However, knowing that the tools are often abused in transport and that the box is often damaged, we must absolutely test them all to ensure that they work properly.

Our technicians must go through several vigorous tests and check several important points on each tool before making it available to you. However, as we are not an authorized retailer of these brands, we cannot give the same guarantee as them.

Our tools are all guaranteed. If you ever need parts, do not hesitate to contact us because we have almost all the parts for each tool in stock and we will be happy to send you some in the event of a problem.

We use the reverse logistics method to save you big!


Reverse logistics is the process of moving goods in the opposite direction from their final destination, to the manufacturing plant. The reverse logistics process is therefore the best way to save since not only does the product return to the factory, but also its price.

Normally the logistics do in the face of events that bring the product to the customer. In the case of reverse logistics, the resource goes at least one step back in the supply chain since it starts from the customer or the store and returns to the manufacturer's factory. These products are, for many companies, an encumbrance since they cannot be resold to their customers at the regular price because the box is too damaged due to transport, lack of accessories, in short, they cannot be sold for several reasons.

These companies have found their solution! If the product is returned to the distributor, then the manufacturing company would have an obligation to arrange shipment of the defective product, test the product, pay for repair, recycling or disposal of the product. For these, it is more profitable to sell them at a loss in lots rather than paying for all the management of these products.

This is where we come in!

We can, as an individual company, organize, prepare and/or repair all these products to put them back on the market. We have them checked and/or repaired by qualified technicians, then resell them at a price lower than their initial value. You can trust us, because we still offer a guarantee on these products. We guarantee all our functional products at the time of purchase for 30 days, simply to ensure that the item works properly.

That's all!

You will now benefit from the cream of tools on the market at the best price guaranteed for all your projects.

In addition, you will encourage a Quebec company to develop!

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The items vary every week so don't hesitate to come back and see our inventory to make sure you have the items you want, at the price you want!