ZR15s OBD2 Code Reader with 3.5 inch. Display and active test/FIXASSIST

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The ZURICH® ZR15s OBD2 Code Reader is your ultimate solution for Check Engine Light on virtually all domestic and foreign (OBD2 compliant) vehicles. It provides comprehensive information on a 3.5-inch color screen along with SMOG emission readiness indicators for quick review of results. Besides, ZR15s also supports graphical representation of up to 4 Parameter IDs (PIDs) on the screen with record/playback function and has built-in database for drive cycle procedure. It's not just a conventional OBD2 code reader, the ZR15s facilitates quick service resets, including ABS light reset, SRS light reset, battery initialization/reset, steering angle and electronic parking brake reset. Additionally, ZR15s can search and verify trouble codes stored in all available modules equipped on the vehicle, as well as the most probable repair solution drawn from the real-time registered database of car manufacturers. The ZR15s comes with a 6ft OBD2 cable with built-in LED light and carrying pouch.

  • Perform bi-directional tests on engine and anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Works with 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD2 compliant) including passenger cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids
  • Repair Solutions 2 combines the ZR15s OBD2 code reader with a smart device to provide fixes verified by ASE master technicians
  • 3.5 inch color display with 20 data points including code severity, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and definition
  • Emissions Readiness Advisor
  • Read freeze frame information
  • Integrated drive cycle procedure
  • Read and erase engine/light codes
  • Read, record and playback live data
  • Graph of up to 4 parameter identifications (PIDS) on screen