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Dado 8 in. 24 Tooth Circular Saw Blade Set

Dado 8 in. 24 Tooth Circular Saw Blade Set

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The BAUER™ 8 in., 24 Tooth Dado Circular Saw Blade Set includes everything needed to make fine cuts with flat bottoms, clean edges and no splintering. Ideal for making mortise and tenon joints, grooves, rabbets and grooves. Razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth provide clean, chip-free cuts. Seven metal shims make it easy to adjust the cutting width to precise tolerances.

  • Nitro Shield™ non-stick coating for fast, thin and smooth cuts
  • Carbide-tipped blades and grinders for optimal performance and durability
  • Anti-kickback design for improved accuracy, better finish and reduced material bounce
  • Razor-sharp edges for clean, smooth cuts with minimal splintering
  • Extension slots for precise cuts
  • For use with table saws