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Double Door Seal Kit, Pack of 2 DUCK BRAND

Double Door Seal Kit, Pack of 2 DUCK BRAND

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The DUCK BRAND® Double Draft Seal Kit for Doors is a removable solution designed to insulate your door on both sides, providing year-round protection against wind, dust, insects and pollen during the warmer months. hot. Featuring foam inserts that can be cut to size and patented straps that hold the seal in place, the DUCK BRAND® Double Draft Seal works with most types of flooring and can be used on interior doors and windows or exterior.

  • Slides on for easy installation, patented straps hold seal in place
  • Cut the foam to size to fit most interior/exterior windows and doors.
  • Machine washable fabric, does not damage the surface
  • For best results, use on hard surfaces and low to medium height carpets.
  • Tools needed - scissors or serrated knife, measuring tape
  • Easy to install and remove