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GORDON High Accuracy Metal Detector Set

GORDON High Accuracy Metal Detector Set

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This high-accuracy GORDON™ metal detector is packed with features but still easy to use with one-touch treasure hunting to find coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver. There are several user-friendly options to make searches more precise, including five modes for metal type, five depth settings, and target depth indication. Three distinct audible tones indicate specific metal types. Headphones are included for operation without any outside noise interference.

  • 10" Waterproof Concentric Search Coil
  • Five search modes: All Metal, Discrimination, Memory, Jewels and Spotting
  • Five sensitivity depth settings
  • Graphical target analysis
  • Target depth indicator
  • Adjustable cuff and cuff
  • Camlocks for better stability
  • Adjustable length from 41" to 51".
  • Includes carrying box lid, carrying case and two 9V alkaline batteries