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Polymer air hose FLEXTREME 1/4x25'

Polymer air hose FLEXTREME 1/4x25'

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FLEXTREME air hoses are light, malleable and of incomparable resistance.

They are perfect for any professional or amateur renovation work.

Thanks to their innovative construction, they cannot bend or deform under air pressure.

The polymer is made to stay in its shape and flexibility even in very cold weather
Standard 1/4 inch brass connector
1/4 air inlet with anti-wrinkle device on each end piece to eliminate premature wear
Resists abrasion
Max Air Pressure 300PSI
The 1/4 size is perfect for nail guns, paint guns, air whistles, inflating tires or balloons and all tools requiring less CFM (air flow).

For the use of tools requiring more CFM (air flow) such as impact wrenches, sandblasters or other continuous tools, we also offer the 3/8 format in the 25′ or 50